Sandy beach in Baska, Island of Krk, Croatia

Everyone wants to be healthy, fit, satisfied with themselves and feel good. Unfortunately, only rare achieve it. The global tourism trends show that millions of people today travel for health reasons. The crisis of health systems across developed countries, high prices, long waiting lists and the ageing trend of the overall population are all factors, according to experts, that affect the growth rate of health tourism.

The main requirements of tourists are a high standard of medical service, high specialisation, and equipment of the facilities, affordable prices, and of course, the attractiveness of the location of such institutions. Every year the number of people who travel for medical reasons, to re-energise, relieve their stress and come back looking better, increases.

Due to its exceptional climate, Croatia has always attracted, and still does, those who wish to maintain and improve their health. It is undeniable that Croatia has a lot to offer on that market: it meets the expectations with specialised knowledge, newest technology, and mesmerising nature, making your search for health simple and conveniently located. Many know this already, and we are sure you will soon discover it for yourself too.
Croatia is all-year-round a desired destination that offers excellent medical services for affordable prices. The personalised approach and carefully designed treatment packages are enriched by the content available due to the climate, abundant culture and the richness of scents and flavours. Croatia’s excellent reputation is supported by positive feedback and reviews of many satisfied foreign users of Croatia’s medical services across the country, famous for their high-quality institutions, accompanied by outstanding air and water quality, thermal springs and medicinal mud, and a range of other natural advantages the hosts have put to the service of your health. And most importantly, with us, you are never just a number, because we follow and value your wishes.
The range of medical services is rather huge, comprising of specialised institutions for stomatology, dermatology, aesthetic surgery, and orthopaedics, polyclinics for diagnostics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, sports medicine, clinics for cardiovascular diseases, fertility polyclinics for both women and men, and various offers of the increasingly popular wellness content.
For decades now, Croatia is the epicentre of stomatological services of all levels of complexity. Many certified stomatology and dental clinics offer a complete service, including implantology, oral surgery, periodontics, fixed and mobile prosthetics, orthodontics, children’s and preventive dental care, laser therapy, ozone therapy, aesthetic stomatology, lip augmentation, wrinkle removal, and conservative stomatology – performed with the newest machines, private laboratories, modern techniques of work and quality materials, and, before anything, high-quality expert cadre, making it a valid competitor on European and global markets.
Aesthetic surgery is progressively gaining popularity, whether it is plastic surgery or weight-loss programmes (e.g. liposuction, where the patient is painlessly rid of extra pounds to achieve their dream body), with a wide spectrum of whole-body reconstruction programmes, removing facial and bodily deformities and imperfections, and the skin is rejuvenated via stem cell and plasma treatments.
Dermatological face treatments are also increasingly searched-for by patients who no longer find satisfaction in constant visits to beauty parlours but wish for a complete dermatological treatment that erases and removes scars and imperfections of the face, returning the skin to its previous glory by using professional cosmetics with high concentrations of active components. For pigment distortions, microcapillary treatments and permanent hair removal, we use revolutionary selective photo-ionic therapy. Massage therapy and thermodynamic therapy help shape the body, leaving the skin uplifted, revitalised and healthy.
Top orthopaedics offer services of surgical interventions on feet, ankles, knees, fists, shoulders, elbows, hips, spine injuries, musculoskeletal traumas, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, and tumours on the aforementioned body parts. After the surgical procedure, rehabilitation is of utmost importance, led by experts via physiotherapy, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, kinesiotherapy, etc.