A long time has passed since Antun Pavlovich Chekhov said that a healthy man has a thousand wishes, while a sick one has only one: health. And truly, what use is the money and success if we lack in health?

We often assume we will remain healthy throughout our life regardless of our lifestyle and investment in our health.

Our body is the most valuable thing we own, but unfortunately, many fail to realize it on time. There is nothing more important than investing in your own body and mind, and now is the perfect time for you to focus on yourself and do something for your own well-being. If anything ails you, but you’ve been postponing that visit to the GP, if it’s been some time since you’ve last done blood and urine tests, if you don’t remember when was the last time you’ve undergone a complete medical check-up, if you’re looking for specialised and expert medical ”head to toe” examination – entrust your health to our medical teams.
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Everyone wants to be healthy, fit, satisfied with themselves and feel good. Unfortunately, only rare achieve it. The global tourism trends show that millions of people today travel for health reasons. The crisis of health systems across developed countries, high prices, long waiting lists and the ageing trend of the overall population are all factors, according to experts, that affect the growth rate of health tourism.

The main requirements of tourists are a high standard of medical service, high specialisation, and equipment of the facilities, affordable prices, and of course, the attractiveness of the location of such institutions. Every year the number of people who travel for medical reasons, to re-energise, relieve their stress and come back looking better, increases.

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Although medicine has greatly improved over the last one hundred years and has increased the average life expectancy by almost 40 years, the sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity, increased sugar intake, fast foods, sweetened drinks, and chronic stress, not to mention external factors, bring about noticeable harm to our organism.

Unfortunately, most people choose to ignore it, focusing on health only once problems arise, and often too late. Therefore, we have to keep in mind that regular preventive medical check-ups save lives, and this means undertaking these check-ups even when you are at your healthiest and feeling your best.

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Human skin has an enormous significance for our general well-being. It is a well-known fact that skin is a protective tissue, first to fight against bacteria and viruses. Skin also helps in keeping bodily fluids in balance, and in regulating the body temperature as well. It is sensitive and prone to external factors, from bad eating habits to excessive sun exposure, resulting in visual body marks and hence accelerating the aging process.

Human skin is the largest visible organ of the body, covering almost two square meters and one sixth of the total body mass. It has a dynamic function, which means it is constantly changing and regenerating itself.

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The smile is what brings balance to our mind and soul almost instantly. Since it affects both physical and mental health, smiling is the most important factor when facing any problem, even difficult ones, such as in health or relationships.

It is scientifically proven that none of the medicine prescribed cure better than the smile itself.

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