We only offer the highest quality services and treatments. The confidence and trust of our clients is paramount and is unquestionably at the heart of our service provision.

Holistic approach

From the moment you embark on your treatment holiday and including your travel to and arrival in Croatia, we will provide for all of your individual and unique needs and requirements.

Waiting times

Once you have undergone your detailed consultation with our experts and Clinical medical staff, all of our services are immediately available once you decide to travel.


Price is one of the most important factors in choosing the right place for your treatment. We offer top quality treatments at affordable prices that you could not find in the UK.

Let us introduce ourselves


We live in a fast-paced world, where every moment is precious. By combining health and happiness together we are able to create a remarkable holiday experience for you and your loved ones. At AH we believe that private healthcare should be accessible to everyone in order to improve one’s life quality. Our goal is to ensure that your stay in beautiful Croatia will bring you handful of unforgettable memories and emotions.

How it all came to be…


Your journey to healthier and happier “you” starts here. All you need to do is to get in touch with us via contact form on our website. Our agent will respond within 12h from your initial inquiry. We may ask you to provide additional information regarding current health condition, preferred dates of travel, flight & accommodation, additional arrangements, diet requirements and other important factors in order to perfectly tailor your stay in Croatia to your needs. We covered all five steps from your departure to arrival back home.


Every year the number of people who travel for medical reasons, to re-energise, relieve their stress and come back looking better, increases.


Due to its exceptional climate, Croatia has always attracted, and still does, those who wish to maintain and improve their health.


Carefully designed treatment packages are enriched by the content available due to the climate, abundant culture and the richness of scents and flavours.


And most importantly, with us, you are never just a number, because we follow and value your wishes, needs and uniqueness.

120 min

flight from UK

2.300 h

of sunshine a year

170 years

of Health Tourism

up to 70%

savings on treatments

Your reliable support during your stay

Personal Assistant

Our personal assistants will be in charge of tailoring a perfect holiday according to your wishes and demands, from departure until your return home, where you will surely come back with a repertoire of positive impressions and unforgettable memories.

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Physical Rehabilitation

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Ambassador programme

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